Administración Portuaria Integral de Topolobampo

Begin the dredging works at the Port of Topolobampo

The Topolobampo Port Integral Administration began dredging work consisting of maintenance dredging to the main navigation channel to restore its conditions to the depth of -14.7 meters, in total the maintenance section will be 12.6 km and an approximate dredging volume of 1 ,884,387.00 m³.

For the current year it is estimated to exercise a total of 180 million pesos, it is of vital importance since the port depends 100% on the navigation channel to attend the reception and departure of the vessels as well as for the perception of their income.

The benefits that will be generated from the maintenance dredging of the main navigation channel of the Port of Topolobampo will be the following:
• Greater security during the docking and departure of the vessels, guaranteeing their safe and smooth navigation,
• Higher draft vessels can be served,
• Payment of fines for ship damage will be avoided.

The contracted dredger has the following characteristics: Charles Darwin, is a suction dredger in operation that has 30,500 cubic meters of capacity and has been designed to work in shallow or confined waters. Its length is 161.5 meters and its sleeve 40 m. When this dredge was designed, much importance was given to low fuel consumption and the reduction of the emission of polluting gases, ranked as the largest in the country and the third largest in the world.



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